Why Gadgets?

Why Gadgets?

I think everyone remembers an experience of wonder and joy when they saw or used a particular gadget for the first time. Maybe there was a sense of excitement at the new possibilities the gadget opened up for you, or a sense of relief that you had finally found a solution to a problem that had been plaguing you, or maybe there was surprise and laughter from the unexpected nature of the gadget in question.

Gadgets come from our innate creativity and desire to make our lives better and more enjoyable, and they do this in many ways.

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Utility Value of Gadgets

Often gadgets are created as a specific solution for a specific problem. Sometimes these can be problems that there was previously no specific solution for, so the creation of the gadget is a true breakthrough in allowing us to do something completely new that we were incapable of before. Other times the gadget allows us to accomplish a task in an incrementally better way. It might allow us to do something faster, more accurately, or even to accomplish multiple things at the same time.

In either case use of the gadget improves our lives, allowing us to do things that we could not before, or increasing our efficiency and saving us time and energy, so we have more of these vital commodities to put into other areas of our lives and for rest, relaxation, and fun!

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Gadgets Inspire Fun and Creativity

When we have more free time in our lives, this opens up the space we need to be able to think differently about the world around us, and find even more new and better ways to do things. Because we don’t have as much pressure on us to meet our basic survival needs, we can be fun and playful about how we do this. We can start to use gadgets not just for their direct utility value, but rather simply because they are fun and different. And in this process our creativity is sparked leading to even more new and valuable insights. When we create space for fun and play in our lives – it creates a virtuous cycle that leads to even more breakthroughs and incremental improvement – helping us to further realize our ultimate potential.

Gadgets Are Part of What Makes Us Human

You could even say that creating and using gadgets is part of the very essence of what distinguishes us from other animals and makes us truly human. We are amazed when we see a creature from another species pick something up and use it as a gadget – and that is because for the most part they do it so rarely. But as humans each of us use multiple gadgets every day, or even every hour, and the compounding effects of these incremental improvements in our lives from each of the many gadgets we have used throughout history has brought us as a species to where we are today with so much vast potential.

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So – Why Gadgets?

By celebrating gadgets we celebrate the human spirit. We make our lives easier and create the time and space to enjoy our lives more fully. We also gain inspiration that can spark our ingenuity to see ourselves and the world around us differently – which may lead to the creation of even more GADGETS!

At Gadget Bubble – our aim is to bring the joy of gadgets to the world. Here you will find reviews of many different weird, wacky, and truly wonderful gadgets to both entertain and inspire you. It will also give you a little preview of whether that particular gadget might be one that you would like to try out for yourself, or maybe give to a friend. Where possible we will also make these gadgets available to purchase through our store.

You will also find many articles celebrating all things gadgets. Topics for upcoming articles include:

  • What is a Gadget?
  • The History of Gadgets
  • Famous Gadget Creators
  • The Lifecycle of a Gadget
  • Controversial Gadgets
  • Gadgets in Movies

And lots more!

Whether you come to Gadget Bubble for just the reviews and the articles, or to find a Gadget to buy for yourself or as a gift, we hope that Gadget Bubble can be a source of inspiration, fun, and creativity in your life!

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