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Samsung’s path forward after the Note 7

Samsung’s brand has suffered serious damage in recent days. The company’s Galaxy Note 7 originally had tens of fires and explosions caused by the device. Samsung issued a recall, and then introduced a “fixed” and “safe” version. That sounded inviting, until even the safe version started acting up. Samsung has embarrassed itself, broken trust, and raised serious questions about the company’s safety certification and quality control processes. Many consumers are weary of purchasing another Samsung device. The fire and explosion coverage is widespread in the media, as it should be. But all of this negative attention presents Samsung with...

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Apple and Microsoft unveil their best new laptops

Today has been a big week in the history of both Apple and Microsoft. Microsoft executives took to the stage to unveil the Surface Studio, a desktop touchscreen all-in-one designed for creative professionals. Microsoft also unveiled its newest edition of Surface Book, the Surface Book i7. The next day, Apple took the cover off its latest MacBook Pro. The Surface Book i7 keeps much of its design and look from the previous generation. The laptop convertible has a unique hinge that enables the device to function as a laptop, tablet, or nearly anything in between. The touchscreen display has support...

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The Ugliest Smartphone Awards 2016

In today’s looks-driven society, how a smartphone appears is more important to its sales numbers than ever. Some phones, like the Galaxy S7 Edge and Huawei Honor 8, are absolutely stunning. Others, like the phones in the list below, are designs that have at the least failed to captivate. 3rd Place: LG V20 In third place for the ugliest flagship phone is the LG V20. The device has several seemingly unnecessary material transitions – take a look at the way the design moves from screen to glass to plastic, then to metal on the back. Having fewer build materials,...

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Five mistakes Google made with the Pixel

Google got a lot right with its Pixel line of devices. The phones feature a pure and refined Android, Google Assistant, quick charging, and more. Yet the Pixel devices are far from perfect. At no-joke flagship prices, these phones should live up to their cost. Here are five things Google should have done better. Ugly design Really, the Pixel looks like a prototype that should have been scrapped at the drawing board. With a large lower bezel that serves no purpose on the surface, a glass panel that covers only part of the back of the phone, and a...

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Apple removed the headphone jack for convenience’s sake

It was a lucky thing that the internet was able to get used to the idea of a phone without a headphone jack prior to the iPhone 7’s announcement, thanks to numerous leaks and rumors. Of course, immediately after the announcement, Apple received stiff backlash from both the media and consumers. Many criticized Apple for inconveniencing users, while others accused Apple of turning the device’s single and proprietary port (Lightning) into a new stream of revenue. While both strings of thought have some truth, the real reason Apple made this decision is to promote innovation and convenience. Apple has...

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Five things we want on the Galaxy S8

Samsung is under a lot of pressure to make the Galaxy S8 amazing. With the company just recently dealing with the Note 7 battery issue recall, and with the impressive new iPhone 7 and LG V20, the stakes to impress couldn’t be much higher. Here’s our list of features and improvements we want on the S8. Dual cameras. There have been several phones touting dual cameras lately. The LG G5, LG V20, Huawei Honor 8, and Huawei P9 all feature the technology. The iPhone 7 Plus’ implementation was particularly impressive – the dual lens made for quality optical zooming...

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Most fashionable smartphones: September 2016

With recent unveilings from Apple, LG, Sony, and more, let’s take a look at the three prettiest phones you can possibly slip into your pocket or handbag. Xperia XA Ultra Sony’s Xperia XA Ultra is a beautiful, big-screen blend of metal and glass. We love the nearly nonexistent bezels and the attentiveness to balance in the device’s design. While it is considered a midrange phone, there’s no denying that it sits up there with the best in looks. iPhone 7 (Jet Black) The Jet Black iPhone 7 should come as no surprise on our list of the most gorgeous phones. It...

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Meet the new most expensive Apple Watch (it’s not gold)

  Apple’s real gold Apple Watch Edition models made a splash in the media shortly after they were announced in 2014. Even more proclaimed was the price range of around $10,000 to $17,000. Now, Apple has a new most-expensive watch, and it isn’t made of gold. It’s made of ceramic. It has a beautifully smooth surface that is reminiscent the surface of pearls. Apple says that the case material is four times harder than stainless steel, meaning the device should be able to withstand most scuffs and minor dings. The ceramic casing is paired with a Sport band. Now for the price. The...

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The iPhone 7 is actually a pretty big deal

The latest evolutions of the iPhone, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, were unveiled in San Francisco earlier today. Let’s take a look at what’s new. Water Resistance Now, the iPhone can be ready for a sudden splash or a walk in the rain. Both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were designed to IP67 specifications. New colors: Black and Jet Black The new iPhones look gorgeous. Now, in addition to Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold, they can be purchased in Black and a glossy Jet Black color. No headphone jack We all knew it was coming,...

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