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Apple’s latest computer has a headphone jack

Apple’s latest computer has a headphone jack

Apple shook a wasp’s nest last September when it confirmed that the iPhone 7 would lack the popular headphone jack. Many users complained that they couldn’t charge their iPhone 7 while listening to music, and Apple’s response was to encourage users to buy the $159 AirPods or to put up with yet another adapter.

But Apple’s latest MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is a different story. In addition to its four USB-3 ports, the MacBook Pro has a headphone jack. And it was released after the iPhone 7. Why?

The answer may be as simple as the name of the product: Pro. The MacBook Pro is used by many professionals, especially in the audiovisual industry, many of whom require the ability to run sound-systems. For them, wireless Bluetooth technology has too much latency and insufficient sound quality to be practical. The headphone jack, therefore, is essential for pro users, the very demographic the MacBook Pro targets.

Additionally, there’s a lot more space in a laptop than there is in a smartphone. The space required for a headphone jack on the iPhone is a much greater percentage of overall space than on a laptop like the MacBook Pro. Perhaps Apple figures that, on a smartphone, an improved Taptic Engine and larger battery are more valuable to consumers than the 3.5mm jack.

In the end, Apple’s MacBook Pro and iPhone 7 largely appeal to different categories of customers with different needs. We’re happy that Apple kept the jack on the MacBook Pro, but we’re also glad Apple removed it from the iPhone 7. What’s your take?

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