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The GadgetBubble Tech Christmas Shopping Guide.

Find the perfect tech gift.

For the iPhone owner

The Apple Watch is a great gift choice for an iPhone owner. Apple Watch helps users stay connected – whether by answering a phone call on their wrist, checking in to a flight, or paying via Apple Pay. Series 1 from $269

For the young ones

Amazon’s Fire tablet is ridiculously cheap at $50. More importantly, it’s actually a decent tablet, offering Amazon’s wealth of entertainment content (with a Prime subscription, of course). Parental controls help ensure age-appropriate content. Starts at just $49.99, likely cheaper with deals

For the analog watch lover

Chronos is a device that attaches to the bottom of a traditional analog watch, enabling notification alerts for things like phone calls and text messages. The device attaches via suction, which holds on surprisingly well and leaves no residue on the watch when removed. Learn more at Chronos’ website$99.99

For those who lose their keys

Few things are as frustrating as not being able to find a person’s keys. Thanks to the Tile bluetooth tracker, users can use the Tile app on their smartphone to find a keychain, wallet, or other small item in no time. $25 for one; unit price decreases when you buy more

For the filmmaker

The DJI Osmo Mobile is a handheld smartphone stabilizing gimbal. The gimbal compensates for a wide range of unwanted vibrations and hand tremors, making video shots look cinematically smooth. An incredible gift for any budding director. Osmo Mobile $299

For mom & dad

The Amazon Echo uses the Alexa voice assistant to make everyday tasks easier. Try placing it on the kitchen counter, and ask it to add spinach to your shopping list, turn on the porch light, or play Jingle Bells. Echo $179.99, Echo Dot $49.99

For the drone hobbyist

DJI’s Mavic drone is pricey, but worth it. The Mavic has an impressive 40MPH top speed, the ability to shoot video in 4K, and advanced obstacle avoidance. Better yet, it folds up into a package that can be easily added to a backpack or purse. Mavic Pro starts at $999

For the on-the-go photographer

The iPhone 7 Plus has one of the most impressive smartphone cameras out there. It’s an outstanding performer in low light, and the device’s dual-camera setup enables a 2X zoom with no loss in resolution. Unlocked starts at $769, also available on carrier installment plans

For the Samsung Fan

The Samsung Gear S3 and Gear S3 Frontier are great smartwatches. With compelling designs, an innovative rotating bezel, and compatability with most recent Android smartphones, they’re sure to be highlights. Starts at $349.99

For the person who needs a new phone 

Broken screens, faulty batteries, and accidental drops can leave a person without a phone in an instant. The Moto G4 is a great phone choice for those who want maximum phone at a minimum price. Unlocked starts at $199.99

For the fashionista

The Huawei Watch Jewel’s beauty speaks for itself. The smartwatch is powered by Android Wear, enabling quick and easy interactions with text messages and other notifications. Did we mention that it looks stunning? $549.98 as shown; prices may vary

For the music lover 

Give unlimited music this Christmas with an Apple Music gift card. With over 40 million songs in the Apple Music library, the listener you have in mind is almost guaranteed to find their favorites and more. Apple Music works on iOS and Android. $4.99 – $14.99, depending on plan

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