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Five mistakes Google made with the Pixel

Five mistakes Google made with the Pixel

Google got a lot right with its Pixel line of devices. The phones feature a pure and refined Android, Google Assistant, quick charging, and more. Yet the Pixel devices are far from perfect. At no-joke flagship prices, these phones should live up to their cost. Here are five things Google should have done better.

Ugly design

Really, the Pixel looks like a prototype that should have been scrapped at the drawing board. With a large lower bezel that serves no purpose on the surface, a glass panel that covers only part of the back of the phone, and a camera and flash that are the same size as each other, the device is unlikely to catch anyone’s eye who isn’t a tech enthusiast. If it were not for Google’s differentiating software, the device likely wouldn’t sell.

No OIS camera

The Galaxy S7, iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, and HTC 10 all feature Optical Image Stabilization, which enables smoother shots while the camera is moving, without cropping the footage.  Google’s phones rely solely on software stabilization.

No MicroSD support

It is handy to be able to pop in a MicroSD card when storage is low. With the Pixel phones, this isn’t possible. While we weren’t expecting MicroSD support in the first place (considering that Google didn’t have such a feature on late Nexus devices,) many Android consumers are shopping for it.

Low water resistance

Google didn’t mention anything about water resistance at its unveiling, but later, the company said that the Pixel devices are IP53 rated. This is considerably lower than the IP67 and higher ratings of the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7.


The design, lack of OIS, MicroSD, and water resistance would be permissible if the phone were priced in line with the Nexus line of devices, but Google is pricing its phones up there with top phones like the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7.

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