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Meet the new most expensive Apple Watch (it’s not gold)

Meet the new most expensive Apple Watch (it’s not gold)


Apple’s real gold Apple Watch Edition models made a splash in the media shortly after they were announced in 2014. Even more proclaimed was the price range of around $10,000 to $17,000. Now, Apple has a new most-expensive watch, and it isn’t made of gold. It’s made of ceramic.

It has a beautifully smooth surface that is reminiscent the surface of pearls. Apple says that the case material is four times harder than stainless steel, meaning the device should be able to withstand most scuffs and minor dings. The ceramic casing is paired with a Sport band.

Now for the price. The smaller 38mm model comes in at $1,249, while its larger sibling, the 42mm variant, is $50 more. That’s a hefty sum, especially considering that the $369 Apple Watch Sport version can do all the same functions, minus the ceramic body.

The ceramic Edition is the most expensive current model because Apple has discontinued the real gold versions, at least for now. Certain Apple Watch devices with Hermès bands are also more expensive than the ceramic Edition, but that is due to their pricey bands and not the watch itself.


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