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Improve your smartphone-captured footage with the DJI Osmo Mobile

Improve your smartphone-captured footage with the DJI Osmo Mobile

Phone camera quality has improved noticeably in recent years. DJI, a company famous for its high-end Phantom and Inspire drones, has applied much of the technology from its Osmo gimbal camera to a new version that’s designed for your smartphone.

The Osmo Mobile is a handheld device that users mount their smartphones to. Using a variety of motion data, the device helps make footage appear smoother, more streamlined, and more presentable. The motorized gimbal helps compensate for unwanted human arm movement, and the ability to track specific objects makes shooting video with moving subjects a whole lot easier.

Additionally, the Osmo Mobile can take impressive large panoramic photos – and the device even positions the lens, meaning that taking a panorama will be less tedious than steadily moving a phone through the air.

At $299, the Osmo Mobile is a great option for those looking to improve their footage, and the product will likely prove popular among vloggers.

Source: DJI. Image/video credit: DJI

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