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Five things we want on the Galaxy S8

Five things we want on the Galaxy S8

Samsung is under a lot of pressure to make the Galaxy S8 amazing. With the company just recently dealing with the Note 7 battery issue recall, and with the impressive new iPhone 7 and LG V20, the stakes to impress couldn’t be much higher. Here’s our list of features and improvements we want on the S8.

Dual cameras.

There have been several phones touting dual cameras lately. The LG G5, LG V20, Huawei Honor 8, and Huawei P9 all feature the technology. The iPhone 7 Plus’ implementation was particularly impressive – the dual lens made for quality optical zooming and a shallow depth-of-field effect. The Galaxy S7 already has one of the best cameras on the market, so we’re confident that Samsung could truly make a splash with similar new features.

Removable battery.

LG’s V20 accomplished both a premium construction and a removable battery. If LG can do it, Samsung likely can as well. A premium design and removable battery doesn’t have to be one-or-the-other.

Iris scanner.

The Note 7’s iris scanner enables easy unlocking when hands are dirty, wet, or sweaty.

USB Type C.

As the new standard in mobile ports, USB Type C found its way onto the Note 7, so it’s likely to be found on the S8 as well. The reversible design and widespread commitment to its compatibility makes it a simpler, better standard cable.

Stereo speakers.

Samsung phones have traditionally had a tinny little speaker firing out the bottom or even the back of the phone. Hopefully this won’t be the case on the S8.

What’s your Galaxy S8 wishlist? Let us know in the comments below.

Galaxy S7 image credit: Samsung

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