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Apple removed the headphone jack for convenience’s sake

Apple removed the headphone jack for convenience’s sake

It was a lucky thing that the internet was able to get used to the idea of a phone without a headphone jack prior to the iPhone 7’s announcement, thanks to numerous leaks and rumors. Of course, immediately after the announcement, Apple received stiff backlash from both the media and consumers. Many criticized Apple for inconveniencing users, while others accused Apple of turning the device’s single and proprietary port (Lightning) into a new stream of revenue. While both strings of thought have some truth, the real reason Apple made this decision is to promote innovation and convenience.

Apple has a history of removing technology to which many customers are still attached. The optical drive on Mac computers, or the Adobe Flash Player not being supported on iOS devices are such examples. At first, these changes were painful – (Do you remember when Adobe Flash was a selling point for Android tablets?) – but now their exchanges have lead to a more seamless device experience. No longer do CDs and DVDs need to get stuck in the optical drive, and no longer do phone users need to undergo possibly security-concerning Flash updates. Those painful changes were for the better, much better, in the long run.

What if Apple removed the headphone jack for convenience’s sake?

Most wireless headphones have been mediocre at best, unless users were willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for better quality. By forcing users and headphone manufacturers away from the headphone jack, Apple has thereby triggered a race to make the cheapest, longest-lasting, most reliable, most comfortable wireless headphones ever. The move is like teaching someone to swim by pushing him into the water wearing a life jacket. In many cases, competition is what spawns innovation, meaning that the now -thanks to Apple – intensely important wireless headphone market is in a frenzy to make wireless headphones amazing. And amazing wireless headphones, those that will last longer and cost less, are the future of convenience.

It isn’t time to kiss the headphone jack goodbye. It’s time to embrace a seamless wireless future.

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