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This new Samsung feature is crazy-convenient

This new Samsung feature is crazy-convenient

How many times have we simply wanted a reminder to do something? Whether it’s picking up a necessity or scheduling an appointment, it seems that there has yet to be a crazy-simple, super convenient solution. Until now.

With the launch of the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung introduced Screen Off Memo. The feature is exactly what it sounds like – while the device is sleeping, users can pull out the S Pen and jot down a note. Simple as that.

Now, with the Note 7, Samsung takes the feature a step further by introducing the ability to pin that note to the Always-On Display, meaning that the memo stays on the device’s screen constantly for the next hour. Because we take our phones with us everywhere we go, it’s unlikely for users to miss that heads-up.

It’s a reminder that sometimes the best features come from simply mimicking simple, “old-fashioned” tasks, like writing on a napkin or browsing through a photo album.

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