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T-Mobile says that September 6th is the end of data plans

T-Mobile says that September 6th is the end of data plans

It’s likely that most data plan subscribers have complained about the widespread discontinuation of unlimited data plans. Data is pricey, and not having enough data can make for some scary overages. But T-Mobile is determined to change all that with the introduction of T-Mobile One.

The company’s CEO, John Legere, announced in a video that T-Mobile’s newest plan will enable customers to have the combination of unlimited talk, unlimited text, and unlimited 4G LTE data. Naturally, this is welcome news for data junkies.

Not only is the plan a good deal to common smartphone users, but it’s also great for tablet users. Tablet service is just an additional $20 a month, and wearable device service is just $5 an additional per month.

As with most wireless plans, there is some fine print. In a disclaimer, T-Mobile says that the top 3% of data users (over 26GB a month) “may see reduced speeds” when the “network has competing demands.” So while the plan may be a good upgrade for many average users, this plan may not be quite so sweet to extreme data users. Time will tell when, if, and how much customers will experience reduced speeds. Also worth noting is the fact that video streaming will be at 480p.

Overall, we’re excited about the potential that unlimited fast data offers. We anticipate more customers to be video calling on LTE when in the past they used to stick to WiFi, and live social platforms such as Periscope will likely see a boost in usage.

You can check out the full details at T-Mobile’s webpage.

Source: T-Mobile. Image credit: T-Mobile


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