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One way Apple can shoot itself in the foot

One way Apple can shoot itself in the foot

Since the introduction of the original 2007 iPhone, the design of Apple’s handset has changed little. Sure, every two years a “new” design has been unveiled, but each iteration still has big bezels, a home button, a camera on the back corner, and so on. With recent pressure from rivals, most notably Samsung, to produce a product with an improved form factor, some have predicted that Apple’s tenth-anniversary iPhone model will feature a dual-edge curved display – just like some recent popular Samsung devices. Few things could be worse for Apple’s brand than a dual-edge iPhone.

Every consumer tech company has one PR job – making sure the company is seen as fresh, innovative, forward-thinking, etc. Consumers want to know that the device they’re purchasing is worth their money, and that they’re getting the best they can possibly get. Conversely, every consumer tech company has to be careful that they are not seen as a follower of another.


To many average consumers, a dual-edge iPhone would confirm Samsung’s long-advertised impression that Apple is behind. And, knowing Samsung, it’s likely that the South Korean company would utilize such a move for marketing purposes.

So, Apple, show us something new. Edge screens are not new.

Image credit: Martin Hajek

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