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7 reasons the Note 7 is better than the S7

7 reasons the Note 7 is better than the S7

The Note 7 is a great device. But with strong similarities to the Galaxy S7 in design, specs, and performance, some customers are wondering if the Note 7 is any better than the flagship. Here are seven reasons to choose the Note 7 over the S7.

1. S Pen

A Note isn’t really a Note without the S Pen stylus. Not available on the S7, the S Pen enables jotting down a memo, using handwriting rather than a keyboard to input text, and more. Our favorite feature is pinning a note to the Always-On Display.

2. Iris scanner

An iris scanner is nowhere to be found on the company’s S7. While the S7 does have a fingerprint scanner, the iris recognition technology is beneficial because the technology works even when hands are dirty or wet. Check out the details of the iris scanner.

3. A better screen

The Note 7’s display has HDR, a feature usually found on high-end televisions.

4. USB Type-C

USB Type-C is the new standard port. Used on laptops, smartphones, and now Samsung’s latest, users can look forward to an increasing selection of compatible accessories and chargers.

5. Refined design

The new Note has a symmetrical design, making for a more balanced look than the S7.

6. Gorilla Glass 5

Gorilla Glass 5 is more resistant to drops than previous versions of Gorilla Glass, resulting in what should be a more durable device. Stronger materials are definitely welcome on mostly glass devices.

7. New color

Coral Blue looks gorgeous, and is only available on the Note 7.

The Galaxy Note 7 takes the crown as the best Samsung phone right now. Are you picking one up?

Device image credits: Samsung

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