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Traits of an attractive smartphone

Traits of an attractive smartphone

Slim bezels

Having a great screen-to-body ratio is critical in making a smartphone look and feel appealing. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge uses a curved display to make the impression of having super-slim sides. As a result of both those slim edges and the curved glass, the GS7 Edge feels incredible in the hand. And, of course, it looks gorgeous.

Thin design

Thin phones, such as the Moto Z and iPhone 6s, look simply futuristic. While thinness is often marred by the presence of phone cases, that thinness strongly contributes to feel in the hand. In a world where impressions matter, phones like the Moto Z don’t disappoint for looks.


There are some noticeable exceptions to symmetrical designs, even on some of the most important phones in the industry. Elements such as a centered camera and flash, as well as equally weighted earpiece cutouts and sensors make for a more consistent, balanced design.

Trending color options

The iPhone 6s’s Rose Gold color option is undeniably popular. It’s important for all manufacturers to be offering something uniquely eye-catching. We love the Galaxy S7 Edge’s reflective silver option, too.

Quality materials

This factor should come as no surprise. Elements like the sheen of glass or the cool grey of metal can make all the difference, whether holding a device in the hand or seeing it in a commercial.

It’s more important than ever that manufacturers make their phones look sharp and stylish. What makes a smartphone eye-catching to you?

Galaxy S7 image credit: Samsung

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