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How HTC could improve its next flagship

How HTC could improve its next flagship

With a good screen, premium build, and decent camera, the recent HTC 10 is an all-around good phone. But plain “good” isn’t always good enough in the smartphone industry. Every year Samsung and Apple have been releasing new features, like dual-edged screens and 3D Touch, while HTC has been sticking to the same logic that led to the early One M7’s success.

Dual front-facing speakers

Dual front-facing speakers are quite self-explanatory. They are also an ironic request, since past HTC flagships like the M7, M8, and M9 all had excellent audio performance. HTC disappointed – and maybe even lost – many fans when it announced the removal of this feature.

Slimmer bezels

The 10 has both thick chamfers and thick bezels. Additionally, the curved back gives the illusion of a bulky device. Slimming down the screen bezels would be a way to make the 10 sequel more attractive and more futuristic. Appearing futuristic leads to better sales.

Stock Android (but still with some HTC exclusives)

HTC’s Sense skin is fairly light and snappy in the world of software customization, but it would be nice to see raw, nearly untouched Android running on the sequel phone. This would delight many Android purists and attract customers. HTC’s third-party features could be made available through an optional app download.

An OLED display

Samsung phones have been acclaimed for their gorgeous screens, so it may be time for HTC to adopt an OLED panel. OLED displays offer stunning contrast and make displays appear to blend closer into the bezels.

A smart connector

Lenovo’s Moto Z offers the function of snap-on accessories, like the ability to snap on a speaker, projector, or power pack. HTC may be able to add additional device customization with this feature.

A new 10 sequel is likely a ways away. What’s the big improvement you’d like to see on it?

Phone image credit: HTC

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