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Google is likely working on its own smartwatch

Google is likely working on its own smartwatch

Google’s Android Wear smartwatch platform has received a debatable response from both consumers and device manufacturers. While big players like Motorola, Samsung, Huawei, and LG have already produced Wear-powered watches, Samsung has announced that it is discontinuing its use of Android Wear and opting for the more customizable Tizen OS. Additionally, few Android Wear watches have been announced recently – the Huawei Watch was revealed in early 2015 and hasn’t yet been refreshed. Is Android Wear losing steam?

Not if Google can do anything about it. Rumor has it that Google is preparing its own smartwatch, which is good news to both Google’s software platform and to consumers.

The rumored Google wearable would undoubtedly offer ideal integration with Google Assistant, a key advantage over devices like Samsung’s Gear S2, which uses the somewhat clunky “S-Voice” feature to process voice commands. And of course, a Google watch would run the latest version of Android Wear, and presumably receive speedy software updates for the latest features and improvements.

These rumors fall perfectly in line with speculation regarding a fully Google smartphone. With both the software and the hardware under Google’s control, Google will be able to present its vision of what mobile devices should be.

Via: Gizmodo AU. Logo credits: Google

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