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These running headphones have a virtual personal trainer built-in

These running headphones have a virtual personal trainer built-in

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has certainly been a hot term recently. Carrying the wave sparked by Google is a new project on Kickstarter: Vi. Essentially, Vi is a digital personal trainer that helps you go for a run, stay motivated, and connect with others.

In body, Vi is a set of wireless retractable headphones, similar to what we’ve seen from companies like LG and Samsung. But in addition to its sleek and functional design, advanced sensor set, and Harman/Kardon audio specs, Vi takes usability of a fitness wearable to a new level; while wearing the device, Vi is just a word away – users can just say “Vi” to get her listening, and then speak a command. The device can respond to requests like “What’s my heart rate?” and even demonstrates an understanding of factors like weather, workout conditions, and how you’re feeling.

The device has been built by LifeBEAM. Vi can sync with Google Fit or Apple’s HealthKit, can play music from Spotify and Apple Music, and lets you take a call hands-free.

For now, the device is focused on running activities, but LifeBEAM told that the company has plans for expanding into additional activities. This is both possible and exciting given Vi’s automatic update capability.

The project can be backed over at Kickstarter. What do you think? Would you take her for a spin?

Source: Kickstarter. Image credit: LifeBEAM

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