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The Amazon Fire HD 10 gets an aluminum body and a 64GB storage option

The Amazon Fire HD 10 gets an aluminum body and a 64GB storage option

It seems that nearly all tech manufacturers recognize that metal is a desirable material for their products. Apple’s iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks are all clad in the material, while most other companies (like HTC, LG, and to some extent, Samsung) have upgraded their top smartphones to have some of it. Amazon isn’t going to be left out. The Fire HD 10 received both an aluminum shell and an increase in internal storage.

While Amazon’s tablet offering isn’t exactly a spec leader, it seems to be a good value. The base 16GB unit is just $229.99, the 32GB model $259.99, and the all-new 64GB storage option is $289.99. All prices are for the aluminum model.

The tablet has a 149 ppi screen, quad-core 1.5 GHz processor, and front and rear cameras; so while it’s good for watching Amazon content or surfing the web, it’s not exactly a pro tablet. If you’re already invested in Amazon’s Prime offerings, this may be the right entertainment tablet for you.

Source: Amazon, ZDNet. Via: ZDNet. Image credit: Amazon

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