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Rumors point to a services-focused WWDC

Rumors point to a services-focused WWDC

The rumor mill always turns furiously prior to Apple’s big software event. This year, there seems to be an extra focus on Apple’s services.

One of the hottest rumors is the possibility of Apple cranking out a version of iMessage designed for Android. This would be a peculiar – but perhaps not unexpected – move from Apple, given that it has already offered its Apple Music subscription service on the competing platform. Considering the recent privacy scuffle with the FBI, and Apple’s commitment to user privacy and security, we can count on Apple to offer strong encryption and overall security if it does indeed release an Android version.

Another big change that we’re expecting for iOS 10 is a refined (if not overhauled) Apple Music user interface. Many users throughout the tech community have criticized the current UI of being a somewhat confusing and not streamlined experience.

Regarding mobile payments, we’re hearing chatter about the possibility of Apple Pay becoming a way not just to pay in-store and within apps, but on standalone websites as well. Apple could be just the right company to make online payments a breeze.

The big message of all these rumors is clear: Apple may be planning a special emphasis on services in the future, which would represent a change in Apple’s business model since the company has made most of its revenue from iPhone device sales thus far. Since iPhone sales have had less-exciting growth recently, it makes sense for Apple to especially target services as an income stream. We’ll find out during the WWDC Keynote this Monday.

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