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Meet Gravity, Meizu’s downright gorgeous wireless speaker with a floating display

Meet Gravity, Meizu’s downright gorgeous wireless speaker with a floating display

Meizu’s Gravity is perhaps the most head-turning of wireless personal speakers. Meizu describes the speaker itself as “floating.” While the transparent base does at times give the illusion that the device is floating, the information display actually lives up to the term. Essentially, information from a digital display is reflected through a prism and made visible on the side of the prism, making it look like it floats. The effect is quite impressive.

The audio quality is something to boast about, too. Meizu says the speaker achieves 20 Watt rich and deep bass, a full range of 70Hz to 20Khz, and an advanced chip from Texas Instruments. Meizu also collaborated with the acoustic experts at Dirac Power Sound.

The China-based company’s product is on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, with approximately two weeks left as of the writing of this article. Pricing on Indiegogo is around $200, with the normal retail price being $249. Deliveries are expected in December.

Source: Indiegogo, Meizu. Image and video credit: Meizu.


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  • Tali

    Does it have a power cord? Where would it go?

    • gadgetbubble

      Hi Tali. Yes, it has a power adapter, but it’s unclear whether or not it needs to be plugged in while in use. Please reach out to Meizu on their Indiegogo campaign for more info. Thanks for reading.

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