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iMessage on iOS 10 comes with a ton of new features

iMessage on iOS 10 comes with a ton of new features

Apple’s CEO and several Apple employees took the stage at the company’s 27th WWDC to unveil the latest developments to Apple’s software platforms. One of the biggest new features in iOS 10 is the overhaul to iMessage. Here are some of the goodies.

Digital Touch, a feature first introduced on the Apple Watch, now works on iOS 10. Users can sketch out drawings and even transmit their heartbeats to friends. Additionally, handwritten notes are quick and easy ways to add a personal touch to messages.

Next up is text-to-emoji. For example, if someone composes a message with the word “movies” in it, upon tapping the emoji button on the keyboard, iOS 10 will highlight that word and other words that can be represented by emojis. In this case, tapping “movies” would replace the word with the film camera emoji. It’s a fun, convenient way to spice up a message.

Other big changes in iMessage are features that define the presentation of a sent message. For example, users could enhance a boring “Happy Birthday” message with the addition of an exploding assortment of balloons. Similarly, users can send an apology in a subtle, quiet way that reflects real life a bit more.

Apple has opened up applications for iMessage, enabling fun apps and features, like being able to place a sticker on a photo or post personalized GIFs. We can’t wait to see what developers will bring to the platform.

Additionally, users can 3D Touch a message to give simple reactions to replies. It’s like being able to rank a message with an emoji.

Overall, we’re excited about the improvements to Messages. There’s a lot more that iOS 10 brings to the table, so we’ll keep you posted. You can also check out Apple’s webpage for iOS 10.

Source: Apple. Image credit: Apple

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