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Five things Samsung should do to make the next Note awesome

Five things Samsung should do to make the next Note awesome

Samsung’s Note line of devices has always been a favorite of tech lovers. Notes tend to have the latest specs, the most gorgeous screens, and of course, the S Pen stylus. Samsung can be credited for popularizing big screens and introducing a powerful stylus to the smartphone. Now it’s time for the sixth generation of the product.

  1. The Note 6 (or Note 7, depending on what Samsung calls it), can start improving where the Note 5 ran short. Namely, we want a big, juicy battery, even if it adds a millimeter or two to the thickness.
  2. Next on the list is a shift to on-screen controls. Current Samsung devices use a physical home button, but a move to touchscreen software controls would not only make the pen experience more continuous, but also enable more space along the bezels for front facing-stereo speakers. After all, a great audio experience should come with a great viewing experience.
  3. We also want a more steeply curved dual-edge display. More significant curves enable more unique and useful software to run on the edge screens. On current models, the edges are mostly only good for decoration, but it would be nice to see more features like those that appeared on the original Note Edge.
  4. The S Pen is made especially useful with Air Command, a feature that can activate when the Pen is pulled out of the phone. Currently, Air Command is quite intrusive – it covers the entire screen. A new version with more frugal use of screen real estate would be welcome.
  5. Lastly, many pro smartphone users would love to have a dark theme easily available. A dark user interface is better adapted to the deep blacks and infinite contrast of Samsung’s AMOLED displays. Darker UI elements, such as backgrounds, also help save batter life.

We’re looking forward to the device’s launch, most likely this fall. In the meantime, what else do you want to see on the next Note?

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