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Five features every smartphone should have

Five features every smartphone should have

Here are a few practical features that should be (but aren’t) on every single phone.

Front-facing speakers

Most smartphones have a single speaker on the bottom or back of the device. It directs sound away from the listener. Who’s bright idea was that? Since almost all smartphones have large upper and lower bezels, this is the perfect spot for the dual speakers.

Modular accessory ports

A modular accessory port can enable numerous hardware customizations. Using the port, cases and snap-on additions connect with the phone simply and conveniently. Imagine snapping on an extra battery or even a pocket-sized projector. The recently-announced Moto Z can already do this, so the accessory port is a feature that other manufacturers can pull off.

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)

OIS can make a night and day difference when it comes to the results of a smartphone’s camera. While OIS camera units cost more to manufacture and presumably take up more physical space within smartphones, the benefits are worth it in our opinion. We don’t mind phones being a millimeter or two thicker when it means that they last longer or take better shots.

Interchangeable battery

Another (lesser) option to a modular accessory port is an interchangeable battery, which would make going from no power to 100% as easy as, well, changing the battery.

An OLED display

Most OLED displays are downright gorgeous; just take a look at smartphones like the Galaxy S7 Edge. Beyond their looks, OLED displays consume significantly less power than other common display types due to not needing a backlight.

What else do you think every phone should have? Did we miss anything?

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