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Apple should integrate Touch ID into the Magic Mouse

Apple should integrate Touch ID into the Magic Mouse

Passwords offer security on our electronics, but they are also a pain. We love Apple’s solution to unlocking iPhones and iPads with Touch ID, but there’s currently no way to use Touch ID on a Mac. While Apple is rumored to be adding a feature via a software update that enables users to unlock their Macs using the fingerprint sensor on their paired iPhone, we see this as even more of a hassle than just pecking in that password.

One solution is to integrate the Touch ID sensor into Apple’s bluetooth mouse, the Magic Mouse. The sensor would be placed on the surface of the glass (where the scroll wheel is found on many other mouse types). This implementation would enable almost all Mac owners with compatible computers to simply purchase an accessory to enable quick and easy security, rather than digging for their iPhone or buying a new computer with a sensor built-in.

For security, the Magic Mouse itself would house its own processor with a Secure Enclave, similar to that seen within Apple’s latest iOS devices. The fingerprint would be stored directly within the mouse, rather than having any fingerprint data transmitted wirelessly to the computer. We are confident that such a product could be accomplished without compromising the fingerprint data’s security.

What do you think? Would you pick up a new mouse with Touch ID?

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