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Apple just made 3D Touch useful

Apple just made 3D Touch useful

The iPhone 6s was seen as a minor improvement to the iPhone 6 with the following augments: it is faster, it has a more advanced fingerprint sensor, and it contains 3D Touch. 3D Touch can enable the viewing of Live Photos, help users switch apps more easily, and enable some shortcuts. But these also can be considered minor improvements. Happily for Apple and us, Apple today announced some changes that will take the 3D Touch feature to a whole new level.

Starting from the lock screen, it is now possible to not only reply to a message, but to view the whole iMessage thread. This gives a better perspective of the conversation, and makes it easier to know that you’re replying to the latest message. Other apps are expected to have expandable 3D Touch functions from the Lock Screen as well.

Speaking of third party apps, such apps can now place not only shortcuts, but widgets as well, under the menu that pops up when users 3D Touch an app icon. This means that it’s now much easier to check a sports score, take a peek at the weather, or see how far an Uber driver is away from you.

In iMessage, 3D Touch can also be used to react to replies you’ve received. For example, if a user gets a message saying that the person picking him/her up is going to be late, the recipient can 3D Touch the message, and mark it to show that he’s/she’s got it. Cool.

We’re looking forward to using iOS 10 in person when it comes out this fall. Meanwhile, we’re also drooling over the other new iMessage features.

Source: Apple. Image credit: Apple

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