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3 things iOS 10 should’ve had but didn’t

3 things iOS 10 should’ve had but didn’t

iOS 10 is a huge release for Apple’s mobile platform. With numerous new features for iMessage, a more open Siri, and a refined design, it’s clear that Apple isn’t slowing down on improvements. Still, some avid iOS users can’t help but feel that Apple’s latest release skimped on some widely hoped-for features.

First on our list is that Apple didn’t introduce a dark mode. Since iOS 7, Apple has relied on bright white backgrounds for its user interface, which can be hard on the eyes, particularly at night. A dark mode would take the edge off the screen brightness and provide what some think to be a prettier software look. That said, it’s very possible that Apple will introduce a darker UI alongside the 2017 iPhone, which is rumored to have an OLED display. Fingers crossed.

These days, our phones are getting better at replacing our other devices, like our tablets and even our laptops. Multitasking is an experience that’s somewhat limited in iOS on the iPhone, as it consists nearly solely of switching apps. If our iPhones are to get better at replacing those other devices, the iPhone needs to step up its multitasking capabilities. Split-screen multitasking on iPhone is a feature we’ll have to relocate to our iOS 11 wish list.

Additionally, although it’s common for multiple persons to use a single device, like a family iPad, multiple user profiles and logins didn’t make it into iOS 10. For example, many would find it desirable for a child to have an account that only has a small selection of games, rather than the content of a full account. Maybe next year.

Overall, we are very pleased with all the features and improvements heading to iOS devices, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the final release of iOS 10 later this year. Did Apple miss anything you wanted?

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