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2017 Apple Watch may have new Micro-LED display technology

2017 Apple Watch may have new Micro-LED display technology

Most Apple products have LCD displays, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs, with the notable exception of the Apple Watch. While LCD displays are generally recognized for accurate colors and high brightness for outdoor visibility, OLED displays can have very vivid colors, truer blacks, and improved energy efficiency. The efficiency factor of OLEDs makes them popular for wearable devices. But now, rumor has it that Apple’s 2017 Apple Watch (the Apple Watch 3?) will drop OLED screen technology in favor of something even better.

That improved screen is micro-LED. Micro-LED has some shared characteristics with OLED – both are battery efficient and both lack the need for a backlight (resulting in impressive contrast). Micro-LED displays are said to have excellent outdoor visibility, an advantage over OLEDs. In essence, micro-LED displays seem to take the best of LCD and OLED display tech and mash them into one type of screen.

In 2014, Apple acquired LuxVue Technology, a company largely devoted to micro-LED research. Production of micro-LED displays is a difficult process, but Apple may be just the company to make it both possible and scalable.

Apple is rumored to introduce the Apple Watch 2 alongside the new iPhones in the fall, meaning that an Apple Watch 3 with this fancy new screen tech may be quite a ways away.

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