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Train your iPhone’s Touch ID sensor to be more accurate

Train your iPhone’s Touch ID sensor to be more accurate

Touch ID is great when it works, and horribly annoying when it doesn’t. Like Siri. In the case of Touch ID, however, there may be a fix for making that fingerprint scanner unlock your phone with greater accuracy and less frustration.

To get that sensor learning, open the Settings app on your Touch ID enabled device. Navigate to the Touch ID & Passcode category. After entering your passcode, you’ll see any fingerprints you’ve registered listed. Here’s the trick: repeatedly place your finger on the fingerprint sensor, just like when you first registered that fingerprint. Each time it senses your finger, it will highlight the finger you’re scanning in grey. Every time you do this, it learns more and more about that fingerprint.

After training your fingerprint to highlight upon nearly every scan, try turning off your phone and unlocking it again with your fingerprint. Was it more accurate? Faster? Let us know your comments.

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