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Future Fitbit devices may offer NFC mobile payments

Future Fitbit devices may offer NFC mobile payments

Smartwatches like the Apple Watch and several Android Wear powered devices offer NFC technology for built-in mobile payments. It appears that the fitness wearable company Fitbit may be planning to introduce such functionality as well. Fitbit announced in a press release that it had acquired “wearable payment assets” from Coin, a company that knows mobile payments better than anything else. Fitbit didn’t acquire the whole company, though, so Coin will continue to sell its Coin 2.0 product despite its Fitbit connections.

Fitbit says we won’t be seeing an NFC device within 2016, however; so hopefully such an NFC-enabled product will see the light of day next year. Perhaps the most interesting angle of this announcement is the direction Fitbit is going. Will it throw in additional features to make its devices more like a smartwatch – blurring the line between a fitness wearable and a smartwatch? It sounds like we’ll have to wait until 2017 to find out. Meanwhile, we’re expecting an Apple Watch 2 sometime soon…


Source: Fitbit. Via: PocketnowReuters. Image credit: combined imagery from Fitbit, Coin.

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