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5 most disliked traits of the Apple Watch

5 most disliked traits of the Apple Watch

There’s a lot to love about the Apple Watch, really. It looks good, has a wide selection of apps for a smartwatch, and is overall a fun and useful device – but it’s far from perfect. It’s Apple’s first stab at a wearable. Here’s what we’d like improved.

1. Price

Apple is unlikely to relent on the Watch’s high prices, but as of now, it’s the truth: the Watch is just too expensive for a huge pool of buyers. While it makes sense for Apple to keep the price high to keep the Watch feeling more exclusive and premium, it would be nice if they announced a deal, say, for when you buy the Watch along with a new iPhone.

2. Battery life

Many people charge their phones nightly. It’s what people do. But who charges their watch? It’d be great to see Apple stretch the battery life of the Apple Watch a little further. A more efficient processor, a focus on longevity rather than thinness, and perhaps a proprietary battery watch band could help clear this up.

3. Rectangular design

We think it looks good, but we’ve heard more than once firsthand that customers just don’t like rectangular watches. To each his own.

4. No GPS

One of the Apple Watch’s target markets is the fitness community. Without a doubt, the Watch already has a lot to offer in this department – activity tracking, 3rd-party hydration reminders, a heart rate monitor, and even a water-resistance certification. But GPS is missed by runners all over, who prefer to track their runs with the improved accuracy of GPS.

5. No cellular connectivity

It would be remarkably convenient to know that leaving your phone behind would not result in missed calls or a no-phone emergency. With cellular on the Watch, users could take a run without lugging around their iPhones and still have confidence in case of the unexpected. Similarly, forgetting your phone wouldn’t be the hassle that it usually is today. A cellular connection would be convenient, and convenience is the point of a smartwatch.


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