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32GB storage might come standard on iPhone 7

32GB storage might come standard on iPhone 7

It’s about time. Android competitors have been offering higher storage base models for a while now, and many Android devices support external SD storage expansion. Meanwhile, many Apple users can only afford the base 16GB model, which is oh-so-small in today’s data-rich world. That might be about to change.

Kevin Wang, market research director at IHS Technology, mentioned in a Weibo post that the “new iPhone’s RAM will still be 2GB,” while the “ROM starts from 32GB.”

It would be a smart move on Apple’s part. Not only will consumers who can only afford the base model be more pleased with the new iPhone, but they also may purchase more apps or storage-hungry movies, supporting Apple’s digital store ecosystem. Users would also be able to store a little more gorgeous 4K video shot right on their devices.

We’re expecting the iPhone 7 this fall. It will have some stiff competition, considering the next Galaxy Note should be announced in the surrounding months.

Via: PocketnowPhoneArena. Image credit: (modified for illustration)

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